Outcomes of the Dialogue on Transformation

Outcomes of the Dialogue on Transformation

Discussion issues raised by the Steering Group, photos, videos and final results of the Dialogue on Transformation.


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Report on the international Conference "Dialogue on Transformation"

The Dialogue on Transformation Conference highlighted multiple strategic approaches including grassroots, international, regional and national perspectives to engag >> more

How to create the conditions for the “Great Transition”?

Contribution from Ibase, Brazil

A few years ago, an international network - “The Great Transition Initiative: Visions and Pathways for a Hopeful Future” – was formed in order to think about transition proposals and practices for a planetary civilization based on solidarity, sustainability and on human well-being. For each situation it determines how to trigger immediate processes that will foster the necessary transformation regarding the deadlocks brought about by the industrial capitalist development focused on production and consumerism which generates ethically unacceptable social exclusions and inequalities and causes environmental destruction, threatening all forms of life and the integrity of Planet Earth. How can these conditions be defined and created in Brazil, one of today’s emerging powers? >> more
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Press Release

Organisations from 22 countries call for a fundamental reform of the energy and agricultural policy

140 civil society actors from 22 industrial and emerging states call for a fundamental reform of energy and agricultural policies in order to fight hunger and climate change worldwide. This is a result of the "Dialogue on Transformation" which took place in Bonn last weekend. The participating organisations on the one side urge to the right to development and on the other side also to a form of development that accepts the boundaries of the planet. >> more
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Focus: International Cooperations

"...we are living through some interesting, decisive and formative times. We are calling for change – a Great Transformation. On a small scale, civil society and various stakeholders are already mobilising, sometimes quietly, sometimes more vocally. Alliances and partnerships are forming, adopting highly diverse approaches and networking on a national or international scale..." >> more
Video Statements

Video statements by the Steering Group during IATP Pocantico Meeting

Three members of the Steering Group who attended the IATP strategy meeting on the "NGO Dialgoue on the Great Transformation"-project gave short video statements about the importance of th >> more
Video Statements

Video statements by the Steering Group during the Rio+20 Summit

All members of the Steering Group who attended the summit gave short video statements about how they conceive the Great Transformation and where they see challenges and opportunities. >> more
Picture Gallery

Dialogue meetings during the Rio+20-Conference

Photo gallery of the dialogue meetings with members of the Steering Group and of Germanwatch that took place during the Rio+20-Conference. >> more

Winners of the screenplay competition "Great Transformation" awarded

In summer 2012, Germanwatch announced a screenplay competition on the theme of the "Great Transformation". The aim was to find a film script that addresses the need for a post-fossil fuel economy and a socio-cultural as well as an economic change towards sustainability. From a total of 13 entries from around the world – including India, Nepal and Sierra Leone – four screenplays were selected as being the most innovative, and received cash prizes. >> more