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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Welcome Notes - Towards a Sustainable Great Transformation
>> Opening Speech by Tilman Santarius, Germanwatch
>> Jim Harkness, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) | Watch on YouTube
>> Vera Lehmann, Stiftung Mercator GmbH | Watch on YouTube

Short Film
Human Earthbeat (Michael Hennemann, ecosign); Germanwatch script competition 2012 (Special Award)

Views on Transformation Visions and Narratives on Access to Sustainable Energy and the Right to Food
>> Input from Jennifer Morgan, World Resources Institute | Watch on YouTube
>> Input Views | Watch on YouTube
>> Debate and Exchange | Watch on YouTube

>> Download: Presentation | Jennifer Morgan - World Resources Institute

Alternatives that Make a Difference
“Best Practice” policy strategies, campaigns and projects from the food/agriculture and energy/climate sector from around the world:
>> Best Practise Results

>> Introduction by Christoph Bals | Watch on YouTube

A) Challenging corporate power: lessons learnt from the Pioneer/Panaar seed merger challenge in South Africa
By: Mariam Mayet, African Centre for Biosafety, South Africa

B) Climate Communities
By: Thomas Brose, Climate Alliance - Klimabündnis der Städte, Germany

C) Community-based agricultural resilience - woman seed initiatives
By: Dr. Suman Sahai, Gene Campaign, India

D) Community Resilience - Linking Food and Energy Sustainability to Equity and Social Justice
By: Orion Kriegman, Tellus Institute, USA

E) Extension Services for Ecofarming in Andhra Padresh
By: Dr. Gangula Venkata Ramanjaneyulu (Dr. Ramoo), Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, India

F) Feed-in Tariffs: What can we learn form countries with Feed-in-Tariffs? What worked, what was pushed by NGO campaigns?
By: Srinivas Krishnaswamy, Vasudha Foundation, India

G) Integrated Vector Management in Kenya – from pilot projects to national policies and what we can learn for food security, climate change and energy-related projects
By: Benjamin Gräub, Biovision, Switzerland

H) Lighting a Billion Lives
By: Ibrahim H. Rehman, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India

I) Millet Initiative
By: PV Satheesh, Deccan Development Society, India

J) Movements: Transition Town and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Example from social movement's engaged in changing their cities.
By: Gesa Maschkowski & Nikolaus Lange, Network Transition Initiative D/A/CH & Transition Initiative "Bonn im Wandel", Germany

K) Reclaming cooperatives: Food Security in the hands of women: Kudumbashree/Sangha Krishi example from Kerala
By: Biraj Swain, UN University & South-Asia Capacity Building Network, India

L) Strategies for Taking Agricultural Successes to Scale in Sub-Saharan Africa
By: Faustin Vuningoma, PELUM East Africa, Zambia*

>> ...

Parallel Cross-Cutting Working Groups
Innovative discussion on potential conflicts between strategies for climate protection, access to sustainable energy and the right to food:

>> Working Groups - Detailed Description, Framework and Outcomes

A) The Climate and Food Crises
What needs to happen to address adaptation and mitigation? | Watch on YouTube

B) What role for biomass in food and energy
Moving from silo thinking to systemic thinking?

C) Unsustainable subsidies in Energy and Food
What are the main drivers and how can we create a shift? | Watch on YouTube

D) Common Movement towards Climate Policy Transformation
Can there be a China - India - EU Alliance?  

E) Agriculture at the Crossroads
How to translate IAASTD-Report conclusions into reality?

F) Energy Transition "Energiewende"
As important step of the Great Transition | Watch on YouTube

G) How to Democratize Production
Energy and Agricultural Cooperatives

H) Power Politics
Breaking down Corporate Power and Market Concentration in food and Energy

I) Planetary Boundaries and the consumption challenge
Transform Demand in global consumption patterns

J) Open Slot

Guiding questions: What are key collective strategies for climate protection, sustainable energy and the right to food?  What common ground already exists and how do we constructively deal with on-going conflicts?

World Café on Working Group Results

Short Film
>> "What am I?"  (Benjamin Toussaint, Lost Sense Media Academy); Germanwatch script competition (Special Award)

- to be continued -


Friday, 2 November 2012


Strategies for a Sustainable Transformation
Interactive Debate and Exchange

Parallel Cross-Cutting Working Groups

Strategies towards achieving access to sustainable energy and the
right to food in the context of planetary boundaries

Working Group Outcome Discussion: Strategies and Next Steps
Watch on YouTube

Wrap up and Outlook
Jim Harkness (IATP), Christoph Bals (Germanwatch) and Hans Rudolf Herren (Biovision) 
Watch on YouTube