Conference Insights

Conference Insights

During the NGO Strategy Dialogue Conference and subsequent Regional Meeting, we will provide you with impressions, relevant information as well as statements from the Working Groups and ongoing processes on this page.

Conference Insights                                                                                                                       

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Picture Gallery

Picture gallery from the conference

A selection of pictures and impressions from the DIALOGUE ON TRANSFORMATION conference. Photos by Volker Lannert, Achim Flasche and Mona Rybicki. >> more
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Photo Gallery
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Status Note

Programme for Second Day of Conference

9.00-10.00 Strategies for a Sustainable Transformation Interactive Debate and Exchange with: - Lina Li, GreenovationHub, China - Kathrin Gutmann, Freelance Climate Strategy Expert, Germany - Cândido Grzybowski, IBASE, Brazil - Hans Herren, Biovision Switzerland Moderator: Tilman Santarius, Germanwatch, Member of the Board >> more
Video Clip "What Am I"
Video Clip

PREVIEW: "What Am I”

Winner of the Germanwatch Script Competition

The video clip "What Am I" depicts two befriended couples as they sit together playing the game "What Am I" with pressing issues of our time. >> more
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Status Note

First Impressions, Statements and Quotes

Jim Harkness: "Everything was damaged but the Wall Street - This is why we are here. " >> more
Video Clip Impulse
Video Clip

Short Film: “Human Earthbeat”

Special Award Winner of the Germanwatch script competition

The animated video clip "Human Earthbeat" depicts the impacts of technological innovations and advancement on the socio-ecological systems. >> more
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Status Note

Views on Transformation Visions and Narratives on Access to Sustainable Energy and the Right to Food

An Interactive Debate and Exchange

An exciting discussion panel with the policy director of Christoph Bals (Germanwatch), Mahmadou Goita (IRPAD Mali), Daniel Mittler (Greenpeace Germany), Jennifer Morgan (WRI) and Harjeet Singh (Act >> more
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Status Note

The international conference on transformation dialogue has started!

After half a year of preparations we are excited and happy to share new insights and experiences from around the globe.+++ >> more

Quote of the Day

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895 - 1983)

Conference "NGO Strategy Dialogue on Transformation" 2012

Conference on 1-2 November
(in Wissenschaftszentrum, Bonn/Germany)
Regional Meeting on 3 November
(in Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Bonn/Germany)
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