“Transformation into a greener Planet”


“Transformation into a greener Planet”

by Srinivas Krishnaswamy, CEO, Vasudha Foundation

Profilbild Srinivas Krishnaswamy

"At the outset, my heartfelt thanks to Germanwatch for organizing a dialogue between and amongst civil society groups on the “transformation,” and more importantly for bringing together groups working on energy and agriculture in the efforts to brainstorm the collorations needed to address climate change.

Civil Society groups working on energy and agriculture traditionally work only in their own departments and specialized field. Though there have been some efforts to integrate agriculture and energy issues by finding the common thread, all in all efforts have been minimal.
It is common knowledge that there is a strong link between energy and agriculture, and therefore an integrated approach would have furtherest reaching impact on addressing climate change. In sight of this, the NGO dialogue on “Transformation” organized by Germanwatch is not only timely but also very much required.

I personally thought that the meeting was very well organized, though the first two days’ program could have been more logically structured. However the themes identified for more elaborate discussions were extremely applicable and the discussions that emerged from these specific dialogues were very rich and illuminating. Sessions that I particularly liked included the “best practice examples”, the break out group discussions on “India-China-EU” and “Subsidies”.

I thought there could be better linkages between the “best practice” and focused discussions. While the topics or issues focused on in discussions were relevant, it would have been good to see the lessons from “best practice” brought into the discussion. For instance, in the India-China-EU dialogue, on the solutions part, the best practice of “feed in tariff” could have been discussed in greater detail, particularly in the context of how India and China could learn from the German experience of implementing feed-in-tariff for renewable energy.

However, ultimately, it was a great meeting and I do hope to see some programs emerging out of the discussion which could lead to the “Transformation into a greener Planet”."