"Was this a dialogue about Great Transition?"


"Was this a dialogue about Great Transition?"

by Michael Narberhaus, Smart CSOs Lab

Profilbild Michael Narberhaus

"Since the initial discussions about the conference plans I had with Tilman (Santarius) and Stefan (Rostock) earlier in 2012, I knew that part of the plans for the conference was to have a policy dialogue between the food and the climate communities. This was definitely a different approach than the one we were taking with the Smart CSOs Lab (with a stronger emphasis on questioning NGO theories of change more holistically). I was curious to see how this would be organised and how the dialogue would bring us closer to Great Transition (GT) strategies. When I was asked to comment on the draft agenda (as part of my role on the steering board), it became even clearer that the whole rationale of the process was built on the analysis that the climate and food/agriculture communities were working in their respective silos and the purpose of this conference was to make them have a meaningful dialogue and start developing joint ‘strategies’. (...)"

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