"Lessons, Opportunities and Way Forward"


"Lessons, Opportunities and Way Forward"

by Sunita Dubey, Groundworks, South Africa

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"The phrase “Great Transformation” is intimidating in many different ways, and finding a relevance of this concept in our own life and work can be challenging. However, the faith in doing something transformative or at least sowing seeds for such a transformation can be thrilling and challenging.
I went to Bonn to attend the three day meeting filled with skepticism and not knowing what to expect. Having spent first half of the day in the workshop, I came in contact with issues with totally different perspectives. For example the fact that the impact of climate changes will not only lead to accelerating environmental degradation and species loss, but will jeopardize human rights and socio-economic inequities. This binding theme is critical amongst various sectors like agriculture, climate and energy to come up with a common vision and collective strategy to make this world a just and equal place for everyone. The main impediment for such a step is what we have been working in our own silos with a blurry and narrow vision for quite a long time. The meeting in Bonn was a wake-up call for all of us to start looking at the “transformation” with a fresh vision, and to start hearing and talking to each other more often. (...)"

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