Feedback on the Conference

Feedback on the Conference

Profilbild Sunita Dubey

"Lessons, Opportunities and Way Forward"

by Sunita Dubey, Groundworks, South Africa

"The phrase “Great Transformation” is intimidating in many different ways, and finding a relevance of this concept in our own life and work can be challenging. >> more
Profilbild Srinivas Krishnaswamy

“Transformation into a greener Planet”

by Srinivas Krishnaswamy, CEO, Vasudha Foundation

"At the outset, my heartfelt thanks to Germanwatch for organizing a dialogue between and amongst civil society groups on the “transformation,” and more importantly for bringing tog >> more
Profilbild Michael Narberhaus

"Was this a dialogue about Great Transition?"

by Michael Narberhaus, Smart CSOs Lab

"Since the initial discussions about the conference plans I had with Tilman (Santarius) and Stefan (Rostock) earlier in 2012, I knew that part of the plans for the conference was to have a pol >> more