Programme for Second Day of Conference

Status Note

Programme for Second Day of Conference

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Strategies for a Sustainable Transformation
Interactive Debate and Exchange with:

- Lina Li, GreenovationHub, China
- Kathrin Gutmann, Freelance Climate Strategy Expert, Germany
- Cândido Grzybowski, IBASE, Brazil
- Hans Herren, Biovision Switzerland
Moderator: Tilman Santarius, Germanwatch, Member of the Board

Coffee Break

Parallel Cross-Cutting Working Groups
Strategies towards achieving access to sustainable energy and the
right to food in the context of planetary boundaries:

A) The Climate and Food Crises
What needs to happen to address adaptation and mitigation? 
B) What role for biomass in food and energy
Moving from silo thinking to systemic thinking?
C) Unsustainable subsidies in Energy and Food
What are the main drivers and how can we create a shift? 
D) Common Movement towards Climate Policy Transformation
Can there be a China - India - EU Alliance?   
E) Agriculture at the Crossroads
How to translate IAASTD-Report conclusions into reality?
F) Energy Transition "Energiewende"
As important step of the Great Transition
G) How to Democratize Production
Energy and Agricultural Cooperatives
H) Power Politics
Breaking down Corporate Power and Market Concentration in food and Energy
I) Planetary Boundaries and the consumption challenge
Transform Demand in global consumption patterns
J) Open Slot

Guiding questions: What are key collective strategies for climate protection, sustainable energy and the right to food?  What common ground already exists and how do we constructively deal with on-going conflicts?



Working Group Outcome Discussion: Strategies and Next Steps
Panel of Working Group Rapporteurs with Taking Home Messages:
Prioritization of key strategies and discussion of next steps

Wrap up and Outlook
Christoph Bals and Michael Windfuhr, Germanwatch

End of Conference